Small Victories

Every author wants to pen a best seller, a story, book, play, or song that knocks the senses out of a multitude of people.  I am no different, I want the same thing, but I will take small victories along the way to that path of fame and fortune and if I never actually walk that path, I will have my small victories as a testament that I at least accomplished something as a writer.

Yesterday I received an email from a service that points authors towards paying writing gigs.  This email told about how you can make a decent income from Fiverr.  I have completed a few gigs on Fiverr in the past but I did not see it as much of an income generator but the email intrigued me enough to give the site another shot.  So I posted a gig telling people that I would write 100 words for them on any subject in any genre for $5.00.  Almost immediately I was contacted by a site called Right Pet.  They asked me if I was a pet owner and could I write two short reviews of past pets for $5.00?  I said I could, so they put in an order which I fulfilled in about 1/2 hour.  This is the response I received back today:

“Great job – each review is well written and insightful. Thanks for adding photos too. Another 2 reviews please!”

I don’t have two more pets to review, though I may have another option and I asked them about this, but I am happy that they thought enough of my work to want more.

I hope to get more jobs from Fiverr in the future but if none come my way, I am glad that these jobs were so well received especially since they involved helping people choose what kind of pet they would like to adopt.

Below are some links if you want to try your hand at this:

Fiverr –

Right Pet –

Tinker –

Jennifer –

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