Kickstart it…

I had never been involved with a Kickstarter campaign until I read a call for stories that made it sound like one of my stories, Peter the Paper Clip, would be a perfect fit. So, I submitted the story which was accepted into the anthology, As Told By Things where all the stories are presented from an inanimate object’s point of view.

Then I waited, and contributed, for the Kickstarter goal to be reached. Thanks to a surge in interest over the last few days of the campaign, the Kickstarter goal was reached and the anthology is now in print.

This anthology is so unusual, I doubt if a “regular” publisher would have printed it, so having a Kickstarter campaign with the backing of a small press in Detroit, MI, gave 23 authors a chance to share their unusual stories. I am now thinking of starting one on my own for a book idea I had years ago.

If you want to read Peter’s story, or you want to hear the stories that an elevator, slot machine, dog toy, map, an old car, and many more can tell, then go get yourself a copy of the book.

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