To self-publish or not to self-publish…

…that is the question…

My answer on behalf of my latest effort is: self-publish! There are several reasons I decided to take this route.

First, and foremost is because my book is a novella, just over 33,000 words and 148 pages in length. From my understanding, novellas are not that easy to get accepted by publishers regardless of the quality of the work and since I have never written a work of this length before, I am sailing in uncharted territory. This book is actually comprised of three long stories I have written with all the same thread in them: time travel and what happens when humans muck up time. So, I thought I’d combine them to see what the end result was and from the reaction to snippets I posted on the Facebook page I created for this work, I did well.

Second, I wanted to get it out there to the public as soon as possible. I could spend years sending this work to publishers while collecting rejection notices and I really have no interest in doing that.

Third, I have a lot of confidence in the book. It has everything, science-fiction, historical-fiction (twisted somewhat by time travelers), time-travel, and romance. The first and third sections of the book are both hard-edged sci-fi, but the second is really a heartbreaking romance set in hard-edged sci-fi for time has no interest in mere human emotions, time goes on.

You can visit the website I created for the book to get more information about it and get information about where to buy the book. It is now available in electronic and paperback format.



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